A Nice Letter from a Client about Connecticut Diminished Value Claim

When I found the Forrest Law firm dealing with diminished value claims, I was full of doubts because my injury attorney told me the value of the car after the accident is irrelevant to the accident case.  After my first conversation with with Attorney Forrest I felt I was in wonderland because he sounded confident about both the possible success of the car diminished value claim and the simplicity of the paperwork necessary to submit this claim.  I gave my claim a try and I don’t regret it.  Attorney Forrest exhibited the highest level of professionalism and he kept his word about the no hassle process.  The most important thing is that I got my thick check.  Isn’t it what everybody wants?  To get your money back.

Lilyana Auster

Note from Attorney Forrest:  Thank you for the kind words Lilly.  A few thoughts. First, it was a little more work on our end regarding the paperwork. 😉  Second, I don’t know what you are talking about with this fat check, I wrote it on paper out of the ordinary checkbook.  Lastly, some cases do involve a little work on the clients side, but we certainly try to keep it as simple and easy as possible.  I’m glad you had a good experience!