A nice letter from a client.


It’s good to know the web site works for citizens of Connecticut with diminished value claims.

Here’s what he said:

“Our brand new car was struck in a parking lot by an elderly driver.  We were not at fault for the accident, but the insurance companies sure made us feel like it was our fault.  After three and a half months of repair, $19,000 in damage and about $4,000 in rental fees, we got back a “new car” that should have been a total loss.  Thankfully, we found Forrest Law’s web site, which contains valuable information about diminished value.  Had we not found the web site, I’m not sure we would have ever known about “DV.”  Matthew was very professional, did everything that he promised, and we are satisfied with the results.  In cases such as this, you need someone like Forrest Law to fight for you.  Insurance companies do not take you seriously unless you have someone like Matthew to back you up!”


Paulo Mendez