Can Airplane Sewage Cause Diminished Value?

It might be a little-known fact that some airlines drop their sewage out of the airplane as it flies.  What if this jettisoned sewage happened to come through your car’s sunroof?  That’s what happened to one driver in Canada.  Yuck!

While this would be a rare incident to cause diminished value to a car, it is certainly possible.  In the realm of human endeavor, there could be many ways in which odd occasions cause a loss to a car that results in diminished value.  Think of it like this, if someone else causes you to have to repair your car and your car loses value because of it, you lose money. 

A roofer could drop shingles on your car; A electrical technician’s bucket hits your car; your car was keyed or vandalized; the neighbor’s tree removal company drops a branch on your car; all potential DV claims.  Losses come in all kinds of ways, and we find ways to recover from those losses.

If you think that the damage to your vehicle might be a Diminished Value case, please contact us so we can help you.