Contractors, Diminished Value, and Loss of Use

A damaged work vehicle can mean damaged tools, lost time and wages.

Many times we see cars or trucks that are also used in someone’s business. This situation can be very difficult, especially if the van or truck has been customized for a specific purpose.

Many electricians have vans that are specifically outfitted for their purpose. Plumbers and carpenters are often in the same boat. In addition to the outfitting, there are often specialized expensive tools that these professions use which are often damaged in a car crash. Many similar clients come to me and one of the first things they think about is how am “I hope this crash didn’t damage my tools,” or when talking to me, “Do you know how much these tools cost?”

It’s so important to look at the total loss or losses that occur when tradesmen and women are involved in a crash.

Potential losses contractors might encounter if they’ve been in an accident that wasn’t their fault can include:
1) Lost wages
2) Lost value of tools and equipment used on the job
3) Loss of use of a customized vehicle
4) Lost time to replace tools and customization
5) Ensuring compensation for not just the base vehicle, but also its customization to do the job required and of course any diminished value of any of the assets of the company.

Thinking about the global loss is important when looking at these kinds of situations.

At Forrest Law, we want your work vehicles on the road and not in the shop.

if you are a contractor or know one whose vehicle has been in an accident or if you have a question about commercial vehicles and diminished value, please contact us to see if we can help.