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Connecticut Loss of Use Claims

Anyone who has ever had to have major repairs done on a car knows it can be a long and somewhat arduous experience. Car repairs are incrementally more complex in this age of integrated, computerized systems.

When you are in a crash and your car is damaged you may have ‘rental car cover limits age,’ or you may have ‘loss of use coverage’ – regardless, your policy has strict daily rates and only covers you for a certain number of days.

In today’s world, we’ve found that the daily rate rarely reflects the reality of renting a car in 2021 and the number of days does not come close to matching the time needed to repair the cars we drive now.

Regardless of the coverage you and/or the at-fault driver may have, you have lost the use of your vehicle and you may be compensated as such. Loss of Use is a significant, often overlooked, aspect of property damage in most car accidents.

Damages for Loss of Use can be significant. Renting a comparable car or SUV or truck or RV will probably cost hundreds of dollars a day. Repairing a newer model car today can take weeks, sometimes months to complete.

It is important to understand the main pitfall for being reimbursed for Loss of Use is delaying having your car inspected and sent for repair as quickly as possible. It is your obligation to mitigate your damages by acting promptly.

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