Green Consulting

​Forrest McPadden offers consulting on a variety of “green” environmental topics. We work with local governments to help your town:

  • Develop a comprehensive sustainability plan
  • Learn about the energy bidding process to take advantage of competitive energy rates
  • Engage the community in the conservation process by organizing town residents to champion “green” thinking and  programs
  • Promote sustainability concepts through a series of public forums aimed at informing citizens about municipal energy and conservation programs
  • Coordinate a communication plan to promote your town’s green programming

Our Sustainability Division seeks to provide a high level of customer service, based on experience and personalized service. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation to discuss your town’s sustainability needs.

​Citizen Engagement and Speaking Events

Municipal energy programs and conservation planning work best when supported by your town’s own citizens. The Sustainability Division of Forrest Law successfully engages townspeople in the sustainability process by tailoring events aimed at generating interest in “green” ideas and thinking. When you engage your audience – everyone wins.

  • Workshops to encourage citizen input on energy conservation methods
  • Town-wide energy fairs
  • Energy conservation challenges

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​​Legislative Advocacy and Public Speaking

Sustainability consultant Matthew Forrest is an experienced speaker on the topics of municipal energy programs and conservation planning. He has been involved with creating various town energy committees; advocating for the conservation of open space, and working for strong environmental standards for the sewer system and Wethersfield Cove. He’s available to speak at your next event.

  • Served as a panelist and guest speaker for climate workshops
  • Spoken as a municipal energy subject matter expert

​​Municipal Energy Programs and Conservation Planning

Municipalities are challenged with finding ways to save money and to make the most of taxpayer dollars. Reducing your town’s energy bills will result in real savings to citizens and maximize the use of every dollar your town spends on its energy needs. See how you can achieve real cost savings on energy bills through effective energy programs and smart conservation planning.

  • Negotiate discounts with energy suppliers
  • Work with municipal energy programs and committees
  • Draft conservation plans

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