Forrest Law Newsletter about Connecticut Diminished Value Law and some Settled DV Cases.

This Newsletter describes an update in the Spring of 2011.  At this point, diminished value claims were beginning to rise in the firm.  We began settling some and taking others to trial.  It should be noted that sometimes defendants take the smaller ones to court as well.  It also brings to light a recent court decision in New Haven, where an individual claimed a 10,ooo dollar diminished value on his Corvette.  The court followed the applicable law, and found for the plaintiff.  Below you can see an important section of that case, called Casella v. Lenches.  Our current record for largest claim in this area of law is 16,500 dollars on a newer BMW.  Most don’t get that high, but often the amount of value your car will loose surprise most of our clients.  For most people that call our office, it usually ends up in the thousands of dollars.