The Story of Norbert and How Forrest Law Saved a BMW M3.

Norbert came to us in a bad way.  He was involved in a severe accident and was beat up pretty badly.  Norbert’s master was so sad because the medical (repair) bill on Norbert was going to be very high.  So high that the insurance company said that they were unable to save him and that he was destined for death (scrap yard).  So, Norbert and his master had to have a heart to heart talk about health and about…money.  The master explained that the insurance company said it was more to repair him than to let him die and sell him off as scrap.

A sad Norbert said to his master, “is there anything you can do master? I have served you well for so long, and I am such a good car, with a lot of safety features, and incredible handling, is there anything you can do?”  the master responded, “There is one person who might help, but it’s a long shot Norbert and I don’t want you to get your hopes up.  I’m going to call Forrest Law and see if there is anything that can be done.”

The master did call Forrest Law and explained the situation.  Like the Grinch, we thought about it for a while and puzzled and puzzed til there was a small hope.  That hope involved a trade of a diminished value claim for excess repairs to Norbert, but it needed an insurance company blessing, a blessing that was hard to get.  However, this insurance company did a responsible thing (and Forrest Law is impressed), and listened to this consumer and agreed that it was possible to heal Norbert.

About a week after the deal, Norbert (who only speaks German) wrote me the following letter in thanks.  The following envelope card and picture were waiting for me attached to a small package of thanks.  The letter is one of the most original, non expected items I’ve ever received in my 11 years of practice.

This was the outside of the envelope.

norbert ty envelope

This is the letter.

norbert ty


Dear Mr. Forrest,

Please accept the attached signs of my great appreciation of your invaluable [advice to]”play with open cards on the table.” I was about to leave for the junk yard but your clear explanation of possible scenarios led my owner to find a way out; my “face” will be repaired even though the appraisers have given up on me.  Therefore you indirectly saved my life and I will soon see my motherland -Germany- again.  Sorry that I am showing only my back to you, my “face” is not presentable at all.  I am looking forward to having my life back (in which I was treated like a king).  Thank you very much.  Sincerely, Norbert

P.S. The original letter in German was translated by Lily Auster who sends regards on successful cases.



You’re Welcome Norbert!

Matthew Forrest